Monday, October 22, 2012

India Against Corruption (IAC) - My thoughts

Now its time of fight against corruptions - India against corruption, Team Anna, Baba Ramdev, Team Kejriwal, list is big. IAC has accused  corruption 15 cabinet ministers (it includes President Pranab Mukherji and Prime minister Manmohan Singh) , BJP President Nitin Gadkari, Robert Vadra husband of Priyanka Gandhi. Corruption charges are accused against IAC activists Prashant Bhushan , Mayanka Gandhi & Anjali Damania levelled.  IAC gets funds from dubious back grounds like Avaaz, Ford foundation, undisclosed benefactors. So within this entire mess let me look at IAC and its movement.

If we can believe all politician are corrupt, only hope for India is yet to be born Kejriwal party:-) But I dont trust IAC and thier intentions.before i come to that I want to introduce 2 crusaders against corruption in Kerala

1. Nawab Rajendran - Rajendran is a man who give his entire life for fighting againts corruption.First by through his magazine Nawab and later through Public interest litigations. at a point of time he was the only man Kerala CM Karunakaran feared. Nawab rajendran was booked under fake cases, bones were broken because of police brutality, he became a permanent patient. An innocent man become a victim of corrupt politicians greedness,his career and life shattered under boots of police. But still Nawab rajendran fight against mighty politician in Kerala till his last breath

2. Jomon Puthenpurackal - Jomon came to lime light by his famous fight for enquiry into Sister Abhaya Murder case, the accused were the mighty catholic Church.after years of fight  Crime branch & CBI enquirers came. Jomon become famous, he start to give other PILs against corruptions. but one fine day Sister Abhaya's family came out and told media that real interest of Jomon is to get funds from overseas in name of Abhaya, not the murder case. He was accused of black mailing politicians to extort money by threatening PILs against them.

Both Jomon and rajendran were fighting against corrupt system, but intentions were different .Jomon became a part of the system he was fighting against. When I see IAC it reminds me of crooked Jomon not about innocent crusader Nawab Rajendran.

Why I dont believe in India Against Corruption?

1. Fight against individual will not reduce corruption, one corrupt  bureaucrat is moved another will come in that place.If you ouster one corrupt politician another corrupt politician will be coming in that place .If Karunanidhi is out next Jayalalitha will come to power.When  Mayavathi gone  Mulayam Singh Yadav came to power.

2. Fight against some political parties and leaving others give serious doubts on intentions of anti corruption movements. Eg. those who attacked Salman Khurshid on mismanagement of  Rs.70 lakhs corruption were silent on Mayavathi & Mulayam. It means IAC looks for soft targets to get political mileage instead of reducing corruption.

3 .IAC never spoke against those states who are not having Lokayukta in place. Eg Gujarat, no Lokayukta even after HC instructs. Ordinary people face corruption in the local level and it has to be addressed locally by Lokayukta & Citizen charter(Only Kerala currently have a Citizens charter)

4. IAC was vocal about CAG reports about 2G & Coal allocation but they never spoke against Gujarat Govt where Rs.41,000 corruption is accused. Its a match fixing between Modi & IAC

5. IAC never gives any solution for corruption except that they speak about Jana Lokapal. If an all powerful Janlokapal  comes as suggested  by IAC it will be the most corrupt system which will above elected govt, legislature and judiciary without any accountability to people.

6. IAC is not showing their accounts, those who speak about transparency don't practice

7. IAC has taken money from Ford foundations,dubious front NGO of CIA and Avaaz who sponsored Arab spring. So intentions of IAC is a question mark.Are they real patriots fighting against corruption or traitors want anarchy in India?

8.When fighting against elected govt IAC should follow democratic process. Its clear that Kejriwal and Co dont have any respect for democratic process. If a solid case against a politician they have to file a case against them, Why they are avoiding Judiciary? What they represent? is it a fascist ideology?

9.Accusations without verified documents, To spoil hard earned reputation of a person IAC needs a press conference. They don't have an accountability to what they speak, whom they malign, or the documents they show.Eg. Salman Khurshid, when the accusations were wrong Kejriwal run away from responsibility and simply said onus is on channel, not on us. He dont have answers for the reputation of a politician, he is not bothered or he just thinks only about his political career only

10. Kejriwal refused to answer 27 questions by  Digvijay Singh. So it means he is not having answers for some of the questions. So he wants to hide and divert issue

11. IAC response to accusation against Prashant Bhushan, Anjali Damania and Mayank Gandhi. As per Kejriwal if an accusation against minister is their they have to resign, once he is cleared of his accusation only he can be back as a minister. But in case of his own colleague first he was asking for proof, then internal inquiry. No resignation, no punishment.Again what they preach they are not practicing.

12. IAC member Prashanth Bhushan is of the  idea  that kashmir should not be part of India. Activists with similar view are dangerous for internal security of the country.

13. IAC started as Team anna first and at that time only aim was Lokpal. Now they changed stand to become a political party and now they are not speaking about lokpal at all. So IAC dont have a clear vision or solution.

14. Reasons for split with Anna is dubious, is it because of money or because of power is a question mark.

15. RSS sponsored IAC movement, by Money, logistics and people. So whose agenda IAC is carrying forward?

So rather than believing Kejriwal & IAC are innocent crusaders like Nwab Rajendran I believe they are like Jomon Puthenpurackal who selectively target some people, for fame, money, political power

May be our political parties are corrupt, but still they preserve our democracy. IAC stands against very principle of democracy, privacy, honor of a citizen, respect a elected representative. People of India should reject this movement and show the world that we are beyond  western sponsored initiatives which try  to break our nation.Self proclaimed activists wont bring any good for our democracy

Monday, October 1, 2012

Modified lies & Swamified PIL - Sonia Gandhi's Medical expenses

Today my time line was full with arguments & counter arguments on Sonia Gandhi's medical treatments in US and expenses.If I can believe Subramaniam Swamy & Narendra Modi the expense incurred to exchequer is staggering 1880 crores.
Govt paid this amount as Sonia holding cabinet rank of National Advisory Council and UPA chairperson as per Modi & Swami

Immediately seeing this figure i remember the logic of CAG Vinod Rai, I felt  the amount was presumptive rather than an actual cost occurred .

i wish to explain why Modi's claims are blatant lie like CAG report on 2G & Coal allocation. I take 100 days Sonia Gandhi spent abroad for treatment as base(actual days are very less, but for easy computation)

1. Expenses for Team of Doctors Consultation - Per day 50 thousand dollars expense - Rs.27 crores
2. Treatment Expense - 1 lac dollars per month - I take medication at home too, so for last 3 years - Rs.36 crs
3. Shopping bill - 1 lac dollars every day - 55 crs ( dont think she was shopping when she was under treatment, but Swamy says, we have to believe him)
4.Chartered flight - (Swamy accused of using chartered flight from London to US only means 1 or 2 days while going and 1 or 2 days while coming. To avoid any error i give 30 days 24/7 chartered flight was on call.Chartered flight is available from 2500 dollars per hour, i gave a premium of 25000 dollars per hour rent) = 25000 dollars per hr for 1 month = 99 crs
4. Accommodation in Park avenue apartment - premium villas are available at rent of 1 lac dollars per month even in Newyork, still I gave a premium to avoid any error, 50 thousand dollars per day for 100 days -  27 crs

5.Food (Swamy told pizza from star hotel to Pulok Chatterji, i have to accommodate that too here so calculating 1000 dollars per head per day for 30 persons - There were only couple of people accompanied Sonia in treatment, still avoid any error calculating as 30) - 1000 dollars per head for 30 persons for 100 days - 16 crs

6. Diamonds ( Swamy specially told me that one of main cost is diamonds, so i calculate at rate of 11 million per diamond- costliest diamond - Sonia purchased 25 times- i know she wont have that much mood swing still for Swamy I calculate at 25) 11 lacs dollars per diamond - 25 pieces -147 crs

7. Travel expense of visitors -( Assuming many people from Delhi gone and visited her) - as they have not pre planned trip and taken emergency ticket i put 10 lac per ticket for 100 persons - 10 cr

(Modi didnt get Visa & Swamy not accompanied so as swamy says I am not putting any miscellaneous expense for male escort - as Swamy accused)

So this much inflated bills also total expense is touching only 418 crs
Note :-

Average expense for caner treatment is 20 thousand dollars per month only which include doctors consultation and medicines, if its leukemia treatment cost is 1.3 lacs dollars per month only including doctor fees.In case of whipple procedure surgery on pancreas( as swamy said about Sonia Gandhi) cost will be 60 thousand dollars average only

Purchase of diamonds as expense is imagination of Swamy, if we take as it is it wont 25 nos :-)
No of people and food expense wont be that much, Sonia was accompanied by only 2 people, even Priyanka & Rahul was there for some days only

This is another fictional works of  malicious  RSS people to attack Sonia, even question her integrity and family life( male escort, it will be audited as miscellaneous) . does Swamy and Modi see all ladies are like the member's of their family?
First RSS attacked Rahul Gandhi with Boston arrest and then rape of a gal named Sukanya, when they failed in both started attacking Manmohan Singh in Coal allocation & 2G. When people of india and Supreme Court rejected both they are coming up with an attack on Sonia.
It sad to see that even medical treatment of our respected leader is a political weapon for Modi, it shows his culture, upbringing, hatred, and evil mind

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