Thursday, November 22, 2012

Who will be your choice as Prime Minister of India 2014 - Opinion Poll results

To be honest I started a poll for a fun 'who is the biggest Joker in 2014" . But the support I received for that poll made me to think of Polls of serious nature. Who will be your choice as PM 2014 conducted with that thought.

It just an online opinion poll, but some of the findings are interesting

1.  Rahul Gandhi & Narendra Modi enjoys huge fan following online
2. Modi is having more support from abroad, thats why he wins most of the online polls
3.  Supporters of Kejriwal are Modi fans, when it comes to chose between Modi & Kejriwal they go with Modi
4.  Modi fans will do anything to win online polls and create an impression its peoples choice and silence opposite views
5.  Congress is not having a base in Social media is a myth, a silent majority is there in online and they are powerful
6.  Kasab hanging influenced voting positively for Rahul Gandhi
7.  Narendra Modi is just a hype, it will be difficult for him to reach Pan India

Some of you ask me about Sonia & Manmohan Singh. Its clear that Sonia is not interested in PM post and almost sure that Manmoan will not be heading Congress govt after 2014.Still there was an option for others for open voting If my observation is right Rahul will take PM post only if Congress alone has more than 230 seats. he wont head a govt with powerful allies.
Votes and percentage -

Rahul Gandhi - 7143 (53%)
Narendra Modi -5065 (38%)

Winners Country wise(Many votes came from outside india, this list will give you a perspective)

Rahul Gandhi  - INDIA(74% votes from India),Kuwait, New Zealand, Oman, China

Narendra Modi - Australia, Baharin, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Europe(Including Italy), Fiji, Gabon, Germany(87% of 2598 votes), Ireland, Japan, Malasysia, Nigeria, Norway, Quatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, UAE, UK(79% of 387 votes), USA(84% of 825 votes)

Poll attracted 198 tweets, 16 FB shares, 13468 votes, 26493 web views and 2602 mobile views. I thank all of you for your support and suggetions

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mein Hoon Aam Admi

Scene No 1
Location New Delhi
Time 4 pm
OB vans and reporters are waiting for arrival of self proclaimed savior of Indian Politics Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal with his disciples Prashant Bhushan in the right and Mayank Gandhi in the left arrives at podium.Cameras flash,reporters are ready, India is ready for next episode of biggest reality show in Indian television.

Its 5th episode of Kejrileaks; Robert Vadra, Nitin Gadkari, Reliance and HSBC are victims of his earlier hit & runs. Kejriwal's previous episodes had give high TRPs for all news channels, now he is the superstar of  news channels.

Kejriwal starts his Press Conference.

Kejriwal - Our fight is not against a person but we are fighting against rotten system. We are not personally against Mukesh Ambani or Anil Ambani, but we are against the system they represent.

Kejriwal - Dear friends we have IT department for collecting proper tax from citizens and punishing defaulters and freuds. The purpose of this department is it to get more tax and reduce corruption and black money. But now that IT department itself is corrupt.
Kejriwal - I personally know one officer who gained money through doing favors to political bosses and corporates. She was never transferred out of Delhi because her nexus with politicians.She had stashed her ill gotten money in swiss accounts overseas. IAC is fighting against like this monsters. We can all together tear the masks of these monsters

NDTV reporter - Whom you are referring to?
Prashanth Bhushan - That's a nonsense question

Kejriwal - I am coming to that. All details are in public domain. There are cases in courts, but no progress for last 2 years. Govt should conduct inquiry into all these things, but they are silent on this issue, because they are involved, BJP wont speak about this because they too are partners in crime. We are fighting against this system. If Janlokapal was in place monsters like her should have been in Jail. We have to start second freedom struggle now.

NDTV Reporter - About whom you are making allegations?
Prashanth Bhushan - Its not a relevant question

Kejriwal - I request all patriotic citizens of India to resign from IT department, which is corrupt, looting money, helping crony capitalism. I am speaking about a corrupt officer

NDTV Reporter - Is this allegation based on any govt documents like RTI?
Kejriwal - No
NDTV Reporter - Is this allegations based on PTI report?
Kejriwal - No
NDTV Reporter - Is this allegations based on any self made news paper report like Modi?
Kejriwal - No
NDTV Reporter - Then what basis you are making such an allegation?
Prashanth Bhushan - Its a nonsense question
Kejriwal -  I am speaking about Sunita Kejriwal

Entire media looks stunned

Scene No -  2
CNN IBN Studio
Welcome to News @9, today we discuss about new Kejrileaks - on corruption in IT department. Joined by man of the moment Mr Arvind Kejriwal from outside his house and Mrs.Sunita Kejriwal from inside their house.

Sardesai - Mr. Kejriwal first of all I really appreciate you for your honesty to expose reality which most of us don't dare to touch. you have reality touch the nerve, how you feel now?
Kejriwal - We are fighting against system, not against individuals, individuals are not important for us

Sardesai - You have exposed Reliance why you left Tatas?
Kejriwal - 3 years I worked with them, I am loyal dog, more over they fund our movement heavily

Sardesai - Congress accuse you of a RSS agent, how you respond to that
Kejriwal - No comments (Monologue How can I go against my boss)

Sardesai - Whats your answer to Digvijay Singh's 27 questions?
Kejriwal - All the facts and circumstances concerning this are in the records of the PMO and the finance ministry,by Hon’ble Chairperson NAC

Sardesai - By Press conferences you are rerunning the allegations that are already in the public domain. The answers by govt also in the public domain, why should govt answer you with your own logic about 27 questions of Digvijay ?
Kejriwal - I am an Aam Admi, they are powerful

Sardesai - A person who gets funding from Ford foundation and Awaaz is an ordinary citizen?
Kejriwal - I am not a terrorist

Sardesai - How I have to call a person who  fights against democratically elected govt and Parliament
Kejriwal - Aam Admi

Sardesai - You dont believe in Politics, Parliament, Judiciary, CBI, Police... why you are starting Political party in this corrupt scenario?
Kejriwal - To eradicate corruption

Sardesai -Your team members Prashant Bhushan, Mayank Gandhi and Anjali Damania are corrupt like other politicians, so you are not different from other parties
Kejriwal - We have set up an internal Lokpal to give clean chit to them, more over our corruption is small compared to them

Sardesai - It is because you didn't get power. if you get power you people also will be corrupt like other politicians. Thats what seeing Bhushan, Gandhi & Damania people of India can infer. Am i right?
Kejriwal - I am an Aam Admi. Why you media is not asking like these questions to Sonia, Manmohan and Rahul?

Sardesai - Let us come to Janlokpal. You started this movement for Janlokpal. Have you forget the cause?
Kejriwal - From beginning I have only one cause(Monologue - I have only one cause money and power)\

Sardesai - Do you believe that Janlokpal is a solution for all types of corruption
Kejriwal - Yes, we can address corruption by Janlokpal, once janlokpal comes there will be corruption  in Lokpal only, all other corruptions will stop

Sardesai - If your intention is right you should be fighting with TMC and BJP for not supporting Lokpal and opposing constitutional status for Lokpal , why your fight is against only congress?
Kejriwal - I fight against those who are in power

Sardesai -In that case why you are not fighting against CMs who are not implementing  Lokayukta like Narendra Modi
Kejriwal -No comments (Monologue -  I cannot fight against my boss)

Sardesai - Let us come to Vision of your political party, are you a leftist or rightist party
Kejriwal - we are an Aam Admi party

Sardesai - How you see Pakistan?
Kejriwal - Pakistan cricket team is good one, i wish them all the best in India tour

Sardesai - Whats your opinion about India China relations
Kejriwal - We have to stop using china made duplicate products, even I am using china made mobile

Sardesai - Reelection of Obama will help India or against interests of India?
Kejriwal - Obama...I have seen his tweet, nice hug, but its not good for Indian culture... Sardesai you ask about India, Let America, China & Pakistan decide their future internally like our internal Lokpal

Sardesai - When you lead a national party you should have a clear vision about India's stand on international affairs too. Ok we will come to India.what your opinion about un-touchability?
Kejriwal - We don't have any un -touchability, we are in touch with RSS too, they supported us in our movement

Sardesai - Whats your vision about agriculture production? What's your opinion on genetically engineered crops?
Kejriwal - Anjali Damania will comment on this, she is a farmer

Sardesai - Whats your vision on interstate rivers and nationalization of that
Kejriwal - We are against capitalism, about nationalism  Prashant Bhusan will answer. he is good in solving internal issue like in case of Kashmir, advising govt to give freedom

Sardesai - Let us come to your revelations today, what made you to accuse on your wife
Kejriwal - You are the right person to understand my feelings

Sardesai - Can you explain that?
Kejriwal - I am fighting against a system, not against any individual

Sardesai - Then why you name your wife?
Kejriwal - naming and shaming part of that, fighting against system

Sardesai - Thank you Mr.Kejriwal for joining CNN IBN, now Mrs.Sunita Kejriwal joins from her home
Madam first question , how you respond to these allegations
Sunita - I deny all allegations, in my life i have done only one mistake

Sardesai - What was that?
Sunita - Marrying kejriwal, I never knew that he is a mentally retarded person

Sardesai - I didn't get you, can you please explain your point?
Sunita - If you ask about our children also he will tell all the facts and circumstances concerning this are in the records of the PMO and the finance ministry, including the letter sent by Hon’ble Chairperson NAC or else he will ask for a Lokpal to decide whether he is father.

Sardesai - How you live with like this a person
Sunita - If same question asked to Sagarika how she will respond, same answer I also want to give you now

Sardesai - Thank you for joining CNN IBN, if i ask more questions i will be in trouble. I dont judge anybody, let people of India decide , you cant cheat them by political gimmicks.

Note :-

1. Kejriwal, wife never transferred out of Delhi, While Kejriwal forgot to take note of Ashok Khemka (the IAS officer from Haryana, who cancelled the mutation of the over three-acre plot that Robert Vadra's company allegedly sold to DLF last month, has been transferred for 43 times during his 20 years service)
If same logic is applied to kejriwal and wife they are 2 most corrupt officers in IRS

2. Kejriwal never answered questions on his movement by Digvijay Singh, a person stands for transparency should start it with himself

3. Kejriwal is silent on serious allegations against Bhushan Mayank gandhi & Anjali Damania

4. Kejriwal received funding from Ford foundation, a front organization of CIA and Awaaz an organization funded Arab spring.There is a big difference between Arab countries which are monarchy or autocratic and India which is a democratic country.

5. Kejriwal has to take forward the movement in democratic means, not through black mailing politics like fasting,allegations through Press conferences without proofs,gheravos, picketings . If he has proofs he has to approach courts, why Kejriwal is away from judiciary when ultimate authority to give justice is judiciary

6. Kejriwal and IAC involved in money laundering. They got more than Rs.200 crores which they have diverted to tax havens in overseas. Same people speak about black money, so they are not trustworthy.

7.Bhushan holds an opinion of freedom for Kashmir, people with like this opinion are dangerous for the sovereignty of the Nation

8. Kejriwal doesn't answer, he just ask questions, if he is so confident about his movement why he is fearing to face Digvijay Singh

9. Kejriwal is doing witch hunting; his accusation on Salman Khurshid ( one of the genuine, honest, educated and wel behaved politician) is on the backdrop of Salman's visit to Anna and which eventually cause the split in Team Anna.Even the worst critics who gone through records admitted that Salman's NGO has given the materials, only some procedural lapses exist there

10.Kejriwal's allegations against Mukesh Ambani came after he refused to fund kejriwal's movement. It is interesting that there is no accusation against Tata who funded his movement. selective targeting?

11.Kejriwal never attacks BJP for their double stand on Lokpal & lokayukta. If BJP was genuine they should have supported Constitutional statatus for Lokpal. More over they opposed Lokpal in Rajya Sabha.

12. Kejriwal campaigned only against congress in elections, it really shows who is his boss.

13. Kejriwal never campaigned against the states which are not appointing Lokayukta eg Tamil Nadu, Gujarat

14. So its beyond doubt we can assume Kejriwal is a person who is gainst our nation, democracy and its sovereignty

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Why Rahul Gandhi is right

 It was a show of strength by Congress in Ramlila maidan. Crowd of 3 lacs give thumps up to progressive steps taken by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.Rally was a fitting reply to negative campaign of opposition parties and self proclaimed social activists. Rally shake the confidence of BJP & NDA on many grounds in recent days

1. Rahul Gandhi is hiding after UP debacle - He showed his critics that he walk the talk.

2. Rahul Gandhi is out touch with people - He showed in Kashmir and Punjab he knows the issue of youth than most of the local leaders.(Those who were on a rampage on Twitter & FB against Rahul Gandhi on his observation - 70% of youth in Punjab use drugs - were hiding their head after datas showed him right)

3. Rahul Gandhi dont know how to speak - After seeing Ramlila maidan speech by Rahul most of the supporters of Narendra Modi are fearing to ask for a debate between Rahul & Modi.rahul speech was aggressive, elegant,futuristis and inrospective compared to Modi who attacks dignity of women,divide people based on caste and religion, spitting venom in each speech evenif the yatra is in name of Swamy Vivekananda.i believe the comparison Nitin Gadkari made about Vivekananda & Dawood ibrahim is for Modi to follow the latter instead insulting Vivekananda

4. Rahul Gandhi wants to be PM because he is from Gandhi dynasty - Rahul showed his critics that he is not power hungry, he is No.2 in Congress because he deserves that position. Ramlila Maidan speech was an assertion of this fact he is arrived and opposition knows it will be devastating for them. Rahul gandhi never took the elevator of Gandhi family surname, but with mere hard work in the organization for last 8 years he was emerging steadfastly .

From this back ground we have to analyse opposition attack on Rahul Gandhis remark on Kargil. What he told - For Congress whether govt or opposition interest of the coutry is paramount. We wont play politics on that. Supported BJP in Kargil conflict.But BJP is playing politics against the interest of the country.

1. BJP slept on intelligence reports suggesting military and militants presence in Kargil.
2. never listned to Congress' opposition to Vajpayes's Indo -Pak policy - giving everything to pakistan without checks & balances
3. Vajpayee delayed war to gain political gain and an image of national Hero
4. NDA was busy in making money through coffins for the soldiers
5.Army used same Bofors tanks which BJP accused wont fire and maligned name of late PM Rajiv Gandhi
6.Purchase scam during kargil war of Rs.1762 crores

Congress never try to score on Kargil war even though it was a total failure of NDA administration in New Delhi.

But Rahul never compared Kargil and FDI,as quid pro quo  he was comparing national interest shown by Congress and double standard of BJP. When BJP was in power they advocated 100% FDI in retail without any checks and balances, but when they are in opposition they are against 51% FDI in Multi brand retail with many conditions.
Knowing that why people are speaking and writing against rahul? only one reason. Rahul arrived and the worst fear of them about Rahul is becoming a reality, he is a mix of graceful Rajiv Gandhi  and tactical Indira Gandhi

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Its Final War

Dear Friends

Arise Awake and stop not till goal is reached. We have a war to win.Its our destiny's call to fight the evil. Its not time to be in slumber. Enemy is so close to our fort.

We have to defend 1000s of years of Indian culture, which based on values of  love, harmony, equality, respect . We are defending our great culture that does not differentiate people based on caste, ethnicity, language or religion.Indian is the cradle of  great religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism & Sikhism. We welcomed foreign religions like Islam, Christianity & Jewish without any hostility. India is the only place where Jews were not prosecuted.We believe that each and every Indian are equal part of great Indus valley civilization.

Sadly now patriotism means accepting Brahmin Supremacy. Nationalism is being a part of Hinduism and supporting BJP . Those who were dominating Dalits and weaker sections of society are again back with false promises. They exploit poor people based on caste & religion. Rama observed rajadharma by asking Sita to give Agnipareeksha. So called followers of  Ram give blood bath of innocents in name of his temple.

Those who betrayed Quit India movement are now patriots. Those who killed Gandhi are role models youths.Those who begged clemency to British emperor are now freedom fighters and national heroes. A paramilitary organization which gets funds from Pakistan intelligence agency speaks volumes about nationalism and countering terrorism

Those who escorted terrorists to Kandahar teaches us how to defend our country from terrorists. Those who failed to stop entry of Pakistan military to Kargil speak about intelligence gathering. Those who failed to stop terrorists entering Parliament are saying Congress is a threat to nation's security.

Who are the real terrorists? is it the only Pakistan based militants or homegrown saffron terror? If we look at data Saffron terror is more dangerous than Islamic militancy.Our visionary leader Rahul Gandhi was right to point out this so many years back. ISI backed saffron terror we have seen in Malegaon, Samjhauta Express,Mecca Masjid, Ajmer Sharif, Thane Cinema,Butchering of muslims in Godhra, Systematic elimination of Christians in Orrissa, Radicalization of Mangalore, hoisting Pakistan flag to instigate riots by Sri Ram sene, Rent a riot by Pramod Muthalik, Role in Sikh riots, Babrimasjid demolition... count goes on.

Those who preach they are against corruption never see their party President standing naked.They are silent on rampant corruption in Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. To know their double standards just look how they stopped Lokpal bill in Parliament and not appointing any Lokayukta in most their states. To create an impression that central govt is corrupt they used CAG to give reports on assumptions & policies,  leak misleading CAG reports based on request, Salwar swamy to do a Circus in Ramlila Maidan,another swamy to ventilate all his venom on Gandhi family, created a anarchist Kejriwal by giving logistics and money support, not supporting govt in crucial bills, stopping parliament from functioning.. They fight corruption by inducting people like Kushwaha & Sukhram, Party with difference.

Whats the alternative they are giving to the most respectable and honest economist Manmohan singh?
Sushma - who created Bellary brothers and accused of so close to Dawood Ibrahim, the most wanted criminal in India
Jaitley - A lawayer who was a lier in Bofors case
Advani - Old man who was not aware of sending terrorists to Kandahar and respects Jinnah more than Mahatma Gandhi
Gadkari - The great Social entrepreneur who metamorphosis driver to director
Murali Manohar Joshi - Who cant see any color other than saffron
Modi - who ditched his wife for political ambitions, tomorrow he will ditch our country too. He will fake anything, encounter, followers, growth records, Sadbavana...His thoughts and deeds are china made, pure duplicate. How can a  person  who cant respect wife of another politician respects other women.

One thing is common, no one is having a clean back ground, all crooked politicians, honesty is not in their conduct, to get power they will do any dirty tricks and will align with anybody.

Congress stands for political ethics. Our silence is powerful than opposition 1000 words. We silence our critics by our actions. We are the only party who took action against leaders who indulge in corruption. , RTI, RTE, #aadhar, are some of Congress measure to curb corruption. With highly volatile global scenario too Congress drive India safely, compare it with recession in 2000 at time of NDA regime

Its time our beloved leader Rahul Gandhi takes charge of the party. He humbly rejected the invitation to join Cabinet. Compare it with 6 PM aspirants who stitch their coats for the post of PM from 2004 even though its hypothetical for BJP to rule India. Rahul stands for Humility, Charisma, down to earth,  listener , educated and having global exposure, 9 years of experience in national politics, represents the only national party in India. He is truly  a gentleman in Indian politics just likeRajiv Gandhi.

Now our enemies are attacking us below the belt. One section of media & Sangh pariwar Spreading lies like Sonia Gandhi's medical expense, Shashi Tharoor's wife's rate, Rape case on Rahul Gandhi, Rahul's studies, Sonia Gandhi is 4th biggest politician, Khurshid's NGO took money from govt funds, AK Antony's wife's paintings sold for 28 crores, Sonia Gandhi will die with 6 months, Manmohan Singh is corrupt,Singhvi's CD, etc.

Let us take them on their own game. Let us fight our final battle with all our energy and power. We have a big task to defend India with all its Indianess. We fight British successfully  we fight poverty to an extent, we fight enemies from outside successfully, now it time to beat home grown enemy. The souls of 1000s lost their life in Godhra & Orissa pray for us. Founding fathers of our republic bless us. We will win this battle because in the end truth prevails, Goodness will beat evil, Rahul Gandhi will beat all enemies and will be our Prime minister of India in 2014.
Jai Hind